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The Castech – Plessitech Group is a dynamic young, but experienced, team, offering turn-key products related to foundry, machining and welding assembly. Castech – Plessitech is present in many industrial sectors such as: mining, aluminum, pulp and paper, hydro and wind energy and industrial.

The Group is unique because of its complete value added manufacturing services: design and drawing, ferrous castings up to 40,000 lb in mild steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, manganese steels, ductile and grey irons and specialty and abrasion resistant alloys; machining of parts, fabrications or castings from small to large, assemblies, screw conveyors reparation or new manufacturing; finishing and painting; installation on site; and all this with excellent after sales services.


Mills & Kilns Components
Mining Equipment Replacement Parts


The SPVG’s LZR FIT head forming division gives our group industry leading vertical integration. Through our head forming division, we have the ability to control the costs, quality and lead time of this critical pressure vessel component. Our recent LZR FIT improvements include an additional 21,000 square feet of manufacturing space, high definition plasma table, computer radiography, 600 ton forming press, and laser measuring equipped flanging machine.

  • Dishing presses - 150 ton, 300 ton, 600 ton
  • 1,000 ton hydroforming press
  • Pressure vessel head diameters up to 15 feet and thicknesses up to 1 inch plus
  • Full range of pressure vessel materials
  • Most major head types: 2:1 ELL, ASME F&D, Hemi, Conical, 80/10, and more
  • Automated seam welders including Sub-Arc, TIG and Plasma
  • High Definition plasma with 16’ x 35’ table and 3D capability for post forming hole cutting
  • Computer Radiography
  • ASME and ISO 9001:2008 certified


For more than 35 years, Northland Stainless has been serving the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Defense, Paper, Food, Beverage, and Dairy industries. Investments in head forming equipment, electro-polishing, automated mechanical polishing, in house X-Ray, and half-pipe application equipment all contribute to streamline fabrication, improved process controls, and quality fabrication.

  • Experience with stainless steel and higher alloys including 300 series stainless steel, 2205, 254 SMO, 2507, AL6XN Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, etc.
  • Typical fabrications include half-pipe reactors, fermenters, evaporators, shell and tube heat exchangers, nutsche filters, dimple jacketed vessels and columns
  • CIP/Sprayball/Riboflavin testing, FAT Validation, Saline testing, UT thickness measurement, Helium leak detection, Computer Radiography and Borescope visual inspection
  • Full Passivation and Electropolishing capabilities
  • TOP documentation packages including weld maps, welder certifications, Ra Surface finish certification and full material traceability
  • ASME and ISO 9001:2008 certified

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